Ethical Bean Continues to Raise the Bar After Completing its Fourth B Corp Assessment

Ethical Bean Coffee recently completed it’s fourth B Corporation assessment – just in time for Earth Day.

With an increased score of 125 points – the highest for a coffee brand in Canada – we  continue to find ways to increase workplace satisfaction, reduce our environmental impact and strengthen our community efforts.

What is a B Corp?

B Corporations are a global group of organizations redefining success in business beyond the bottom line.

Certified B Corps are assessed every two years by the B Lab team – an independent non-profit – who rate the company’s performance using an Impact Assessment, a rigorous process that evolves regularly as advances in the industry are made.  

The assessment dives into all areas of our organization including:

Workers: How do we contribute to employees’ health and happiness in and outside of work?

Community: Are we a strengthening partner in our community and throughout our supply chains?

Environment: How do we work to reduce our environmental footprint in all of our operations?

Governance: Do we operate in an accountable and transparent fashion?

All Certified B Corp scores are published online and you can see ours here.

Why did we become a B Corp?

The B Corp certification was a natural fit for Ethical Bean as it shared our values in terms of transparency and accountability. We believe that when it comes to sustainability initiatives third party verification is the gold standard.

The B Corp assessment allows us to certify our broader organizational commitments to renewable energy, employee training and benefits, open book management, and many other areas, including and beyond our Fairtrade Certified Organic Coffee.

Simply put, what Fair Trade is to coffee, B Corp is to our whole business model.

What’s New?

Over the last two years, Ethical Bean’s new initiatives include:

Launching 100% compostable single serve coffee pods

Formalizing a local and sustainable purchasing policy beyond our coffee

Offering a paid volunteer day to all employees

Collaborating with other B Corps on internal best practices, a Coffee Rye IPA, and other marketing campaigns

What’s on the Horizon?

A group of consumer facing B Corps are working together on a joint marketing initiative to help build public awareness for the certification. So don’t feel bad if you hadn’t heard about B Corps before! You’re not the only one, but we’re working on that.

Many B Corps, including ourselves, are also participating in an Inclusive Economy Challenge where we’ve selected at least three metrics to improve upon before the Champions Retreat in September 2018. The Inclusive Economy Metric Set includes areas such as supporting vulnerable workers, climate change mitigation, supplier screening, and corporate governance.

We’ve also selected key metrics from the certification that we plan to work on over the next two years so that we can continue to push the boundaries and engage more of our suppliers around their sustainability journey, creating ripple effects in the movement.

How can you get involved?

If you’re inspired by the B Corp model or are curious to learn more, anyone can complete the Quick Impact Assessment, anonymously online. The QIA is meant to not only introduce companies to core concepts related to their business’s potential for positive impact, but to also identify key opportunities for improvement and encourage companies to measure and manage their performance in more depth by progressing to the full Impact Assessment.

If you’re a consumer, keen to support more B Corps, you can:

Search for B Corps in your city or by product category on their website here

Shop from the mix of online and brick and mortar B Corp retailers

Keep an eye out for the logo on products in the grocery store

Check out some of the articles and impact stories on the B the Change Medium platform

Follow the conversation online with the following hashtags #BCorp #bthechange #bcorpmonth


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