Coffee Protein Nicecream Recipe

Coffee Protein Niceceam

Earlier this month we ran an Organic Recipe Contest with our B Corp friends, Garden of Life Canada. We sent samples of our Lush medium dark roast coffee and GOL’s plant based protein to 40 foodies. Their task was to get creative and make any recipe incorporating both products. We pretty much spent a week drooling as the recipes were posted. We were blown away with the submissions!

One of the two winners was Crystal Hughes with her ‘Coffee Protein Nicecream’. What’s nicecream you ask? We were wondering the same thing and now it’s all we notice on food blogs and Instagram. Essentially it’s frozen bananas blended up with other ingredients to make a healthier gelato/ ice cream.

Here’s the recipe for Crystal’s Coffee Protein Nicecream.


  • – 4 cups strongly brewed Ethical Bean Coffee
  • – 3/4 scoop of Garden of Life Vanilla Protein
  • – 1 1/2 large frozen bananas
  • – 2 tbsp coconut cream
  • – Splash of coconut milk
  • – 6 coffee ice cubes
  • – 2 dates
  • – Tablespoon of coconut oil
  • – Chocolate (for drizzle)


– Pour brewed coffee into ice cube tray and freeze overnight. Also peel, cut, and freeze bananas overnight.

– The following day, add 6 coffee ice cubes into your blender along with the banana, coconut cream, dates, and protein powder. Blend using a tamper to push it down as you go. You might have to add a splash of coconut milk to blend.

– After blending, heat up some chocolate with coconut oil and drizzle on the inside of a glass then scoop in the nicecream. Top with more drizzled chocolate.


Recipe and photo by Crystal Hughes.

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