Ethical Bean FUNDIT Scholarship: Then and Now

Since Ethical Bean’s inception in 2003, it has been a very proud sponsor of the Child Aid literacy and education program in Latin America.

FUNDIT (also known as the Ethical Bean Scholarship Fund since 2010), is a project of Child Aid in Guatemala that provides underprivileged children with scholarships and supplies so that they may attend school.

The latest newsletter from FUNDIT shares the heartwarming stories of two recipients of the Ethical Bean scholarship program:

Josselyn—was featured on our boardroom wall 12 years ago as one of the first children to receive the scholarship and is finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Language and Communication this year. She plans to continue towards her Master’s Degree so she can become a teacher.

And Sucely—who just completed middle school and is looking forward to university after she graduates so she can eventually help support her grandparents.

This year FUNDIT has 55 students in their scholarship program: 9 in primary school, 30 in middle school, and 16 in high school. 64% of them are women. The library is now holding reading classes for primary school students and tutoring for middle and high school students.

We are also very happy to report that all the Child Aid/FUNDIT students and staff members and the communities where they work were not affected by the eruption earlier this month of Guatemala’s Volcano Fuego, and are all safe and accounted for.

Click here for the latest newsletter from Child Aid to read more about Sucely and Joselin’s stories.

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