News Release: Great taste, zero waste! Ethical Bean Coffee launches 100% compostable single serve pods.

Vancouver-based Ethical Bean Coffee, already famous for their delicious fair trade certified organic coffee, is proud to announce the launch of a unique 100% compostable single serve pod. With a strong ongoing commitment to fair and environmentally friendly production practices, Ethical Bean has gone one step further with an innovative solution to the large environmental challenge of single serve coffee plastic waste.

In Canada, it’s estimated that 25 per cent of coffee drinkers get their daily jolt from single serve pods when making coffee at home. Shockingly, in the U.S., 28 per cent of millennials indicated that they only know how to make coffee with single serve brewers in a recent survey conducted by The National Coffee Association. Guilt and plastic waste are continuing to flood global landfills.

Finally, there’s a better choice.

Unlike conventional plastic options, Ethical Bean’s Keurig compatible pods are made from coffee bean chaff and other renewable materials that are certified compostable by BPI – the largest certification organization for compostable products in North America. This means that the pods are proven to break down in as little as five weeks in commercial composting systems.

“At Ethical Bean, we believe that when it comes to sustainability initiatives, third party verification is the gold standard. Finally we are able to add compostability to our Fairtrade, Organic and B-Corp certifications,” says Ethical Bean Co-founder and CEO, Lloyd Bernhardt. “Our new pods provide a better solution for single serve coffee drinkers who appreciate great tasting coffee and are concerned about the environment.”

Ethical Bean will have your coffee palate rejoicing with three distinct pod roast options – Classic, Lush, and Superdark – making it easy to brew a better future for the planet.

Ethical Bean Coffee Compostable Pods are available at London Drugs, Save on Foods, Price Smart, Overwaitea Foods, Loblaws, Buy Low Foods, Nesters, and online, with other retailers coming soon.

For more information, visit Ethical Bean’s Compostable Pod FAQs.

About Ethical Bean

Ethical Bean Coffee is a leading roaster of 100% Fairtrade certified organic coffee. Co-founders Lloyd Bernhardt – recognized by Business in Vancouver’s “Top 40 under 40”, and Kim Schachte – an award-winning graphic designer, are committed to social responsibility, global awareness, and environmental accountability.

Their journey to Guatemala in 1999 to adopt their daughter forever changed their lives, sparking a passion for the culture of the country and inspiring a desire to better the lives of the farmers and families living and working in the coffee industry. The couple returned to Vancouver and in 2003 launched Ethical Bean Coffee.

What began as a small operation with one employee has grown into an international success, with growth across Canada, the US and abroad. Through this expansion, Lloyd and Kim have stayed true to their original commitment to make their coffee both just and better.

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    • Aqilla Aziz

      Thank you Terri! The reason we stayed out of the single-serve coffee arena until we found a better alternative was because we didn’t want to contribute to the enormous amount of waste already out there in our landfills. We hope you enjoy!

  • Where can we buy them. Can you get yourself into Costco to go across Canada and the U.S. So that Jo public will make the move? Not promoting Costco but the strength of change will be the availability and accessibility I live in Peterborough and this product will fly. How do I find your product to purchase

    • Hi there,

      In ON our pods will be available at Loblaws, Metro, and Sobeys in the next couple of months or so!

      You can also buy them online from our website.

      Right now only our whole bean coffee is sold at Costco in Western Canada and hopefully Eastern Canada and other regions soon! We were on rotation in Eastern Canada for a few months recently. Be sure to let you’re local Costco know that you’d like them – it definitely helps! sells our whole bean as well at great pricing. Hopefully the pods soon!



  • Janet Bernat

    I love this coffee! Delicious and environmentally safe. I stopped using my Keurig because of no one made good coffee in a environmentally sustainable pod. Thank you ethical bean.

    • Hi Garcia,

      We only have the 12 pods/ case size right now but we do offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders. You can reach out to email hidden; JavaScript is required to get more information on that.

      Otherwise, we’re working on a larger pack size right now.



  • Can you confirm if they are compostable in the curbside programs in Metro Vancouver? Unfortunately most compostable plastic isn’t accepted there because it doesn’t break down quickly enough in their composting process and leaves bits of plastic in their finished compost.

    • Hi Jenn,

      Great question. When we’ve called the City of Vancouver, their answer is that they cannot accept the pods. Harvest Power does all of the city’s composting and when we reached out to them they mentioned that the concern is more around cross contamination with other plastic pods and people getting confused and throwing non-compostable pods in their green bin. They mentioned that if the pods are coming from a controlled environment where they’re only using the certified compostable pods, it should be fine.

      All that being said, the answer is still a little hazy and not great. This is something we’re working on now with our manufacturer and Harvest Power so will keep you updated.

      Lauren Archibald

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