One Grade 9 Student’s Quest For Coffee Justice

A couple of months ago, we received an endearing email:

“Hello, my name is Bryce Gowdy and I am a grade nine student at Clarington Central Secondary School in Bowmanville Ontario. For our geography ISU (independent study unit) we have been asked to find an issue in our world and help find a solution to fix it. I have always thought that fair trade is very important to our world and have tried to find ways to incorporate that into my lifestyle.”

Bryce continued to explain that he wanted to choose a project that would do two things:

1) encourage his school staff members to drink more Fairtrade Certified coffee

2) and spread awareness about the benefits of using compostable k-cup coffee pods (and avoid contributing to landfills).

To help Bryce out with his project, Ethical Bean Coffee donated two cases of Fairtrade Certified compostable k-cup pods to the teachers at Clarington Central Secondary School.

Last week Bryce sent us his wrap-up report—and we’re totally blushing… 😊

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By Bryce Gowdy

Just. Better. It’s not just a slogan, it’s the way cofounders Lloyd and Kim grew their company. Now what does this mean to me? As a grade nine student we are learning about problems that are in our world and how we can fix them. For my geography ISU we had to create an action plan and educate people about our world issue, and for me that was Fair Trade. It always boggled my mind on how some companies can sell products for so cheap and still make a profit, this is for farmers not in the Fair Trade model. Ethical Bean and the Fair Trade model ensure farmers and their families have safe working conditions and proper wages.

Many people rely on a daily dosage of caffeine to get them through their day, but how many people actually know where their coffee is coming from? With Ethical Bean the answer is easy. All coffee comes from small farms that are guaranteed a minimum price for coffee per pound, and also receive a Fairtrade Premium which goes back to the community to help build thriving workplaces, water treatment facilities, accessible healthcare, and access to a proper education. There is no need for a useless to-go cup that you need to throw away, your favourite cup of joe is all in one convenient one hundred percent compostable pod.

Ethical Bean doesn’t only make amazing ethically sourced coffee they also give back to the organizations in communities they purchase coffee from. Child Aid’s FUNDIT is a program that provides students in Guatemala the finances needed to attend school. To this day Ethical Bean has donated over sixty four thousand dollars. Another organization is Project Somos, they support widowed and single mothers who are at risk of losing their children due to poverty and difficult living situations.

So what are you waiting for? Start your morning off right with a cup of coffee and feel good because you know you are lowering your environmental footprint.

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Kudos to Bryce for his environmental and social stewardship. Thank you for thinking of us for your project. 

DYK? It’s estimated that 10 billion single-serve plastic coffee pods are thrown into North American landfills every year.

Want more info on our 100% compostable k-cup coffee pods? Check out this blog post.

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