Return Your Empty Coffee Bags in BC!

Recycle Your Coffee Bags

We are thrilled to announce a new pilot project that Recycle BC launched June 1. You can now drop off your empty coffee bags and other flexible plastic packaging at one of the 117 participating depot locations around BC.

“Other flexible plastic packaging” includes items such as:

  • – Coffee bags
  • – Stand up pouches
  • – Chip bags
  • – Pasta bags
  • – Cereal box bags
  • – Produce net bags
  • – Frozen food zipper-lock bags

Click here to see the full list of participating depots. More locations are expected to be added in September 2018, with a mandatory rollout to all Recycle BC depots as of next year.

This type of packaging is the fastest growing on the market as it’s lightweight and easy to ship, has lower emissions when looking at the full carbon life-cycle, and helps keep food fresh for longer periods of time.

As you may know, Ethical Bean has been running a coffee bag return program for years now. This Recycle BC project will allow local customers to drop off their empty coffee bags directly at one of the participating depots closer to home. For customers living outside of BC, you’re more than welcome to continue shipping us your empty coffee bags. We recommend twelve or more for shipping efficiency, and we will drop them off for you.

Recycle BC has teamed up with Merlin Plastics to perform a research and development project on the new materials collected to help recycle more of this material and turn anything that can’t be recycled into energy pellets, displacing the need for other more carbon intensive fuels.


9 Responses:
  • Mary Ann Baxter

    Does this include the bags from the boxes of coffee pods? I usually save those and reuse when necessary..I sometimes have difficulty opening those very well sealed bags, but if they tear I have replacements..I also use them for other pods that do not have inner bags.
    I start my day with a 12 oz Super Dark …simply love the stuff…Your coffee is the only one my eldest daughter can drink…it doesn’t cause her problems like so many others.
    Thank you for your fantastic coffee and commitment to sustainability…

    • Lauren Archibald

      The program does include the inner bags for the pods! Thanks for sharing that feedback on those bags. And so glad you and your daughter are fans 🙂

    • Lauren Archibald

      Hi Sip! The coffee bags won’t be re-used to package more coffee, but broken down for research and development and/ or an energy supply at this time.

    • Aqilla Aziz

      Hello Carol, you can ship your empty bags to our head office at:
      Ethical Bean Coffee
      1315 Kootenay St
      Vancouver BC
      V5K 4Y3

      Thanks for helping keep them out of the landfill!

    • Aqilla Aziz

      Thanks for your environmental stewardship and for being a fan! We still accept recycled bags, and for ever 12* bags of Ethical Bean coffee you bring into the cafe or send in, you get a free one of the same size.

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