Valentine’s Day Recipe: Decadent Fairtrade Affogato

Fairtrade Affogato

Staying in this Valentine’s Day? We’ve put together a foolproof dessert for any coffee lover. Whether you’re making it for yourself, friends, or that special someone, this simple recipe is made with delicious Fairtrade ingredients, perfect for a cozy evening by the fire.


Place 2 generous scoops of you or your partner’s favourite Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in a cup or small bowl. We recommend Caramel Hat Trick or Half Baked.

Pour a shot of Ethical Bean’s Sweet Espresso or 3 tablespoons of strong brewed coffee (have you tried our dark roast decaf?) over the ice cream.

Top with shaved Camino Dark Chocolate and any other fun toppings you have around!

For an extra Valentines kick add a shot of Baileys or Kahlua.


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